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Dear Jessica Rayford-Clark 

Thank you for participating in the League of Women Voters VOTE411 online Voter Guide. Thousands of Detroit voters will soon be looking for this nonpartisan guide with information for the upcoming August 6th Primary election. is now live for Detroit races.  Go to the website to see your responses:

  1.  Enter your address.  Click on Enter.

  2.  Click on "Get Personalized Information".

  3.  A map will appear.  Click on "Find my information."

  4.  The Detroit races will appear.  Click on "All Races".

  5.  Click on your race.

  6.  Click on your name and that of another candidate for comparison and

         your answers will appear below.  Paired comparisons can be printed.

The League of Women Voters of Michigan ( and all three local leagues in Wayne County will also be posting on their websites a link to as well as a fully-printable version of the information. 

We hope that you enjoyed your experience with VOTE411 and the League of Women Voters. Please feel free to forward the link to your supporters.

The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes a candidate or political party.  We do encourage citizens to get involved in government. We appreciate all those who educate themselves on the issues and run for office.  It strengthens our democracy.

If you have any questions, please email them to us at  

Again, thank you for participating in this important service to the voters.  

The Detroit Voter Service VOTE411 Team

League of Women Voters 


07/07/2013 9:23pm

We March.
I tried to capture the spirit of what my late brother (Rev. Jesse Rayford Jr.) might have felt but found that this leadership he spoke of was not present. I tried to capture his thought of walking with a King, and with brave men with the same mindset was not there. I tried to capture what he meant when he said this was one of his best days, on earth. This power was not present for me to discover. My thoughts of this day read:
The weather some sun, some clouds. We begin.
The march was quiet, people were marching, a group marching sung some part of we shall overcome, a group sung what we want, what we need, we marched on. Our job has been compromised. The March line stopped several times, connecting to those waiting in different spots. We are marching. I can see leadership getting a ride down to the end of the march. We are marching. We grow old and weary.
The faces of the people are hopeful, we are worried, we are brave, and we are looking for leadership. We are marching. The line stops, let’s get moving someone shouts, the line is ask to step back, No we can’t step back someone shouted. We came too far to step back. Our voting rights, has been compromised. We are going backwards. Where are you? Where were you? The message is here.
We march on. We march for peace, we march for justice, and we march for racism, sexisms, segregation, economics, humanity, equity and equality. We march, we chant, we sing.
The march ends at the water, still waters run deep, a call to action for a better world, still we rise, we are told to keep sight, put the guns down, and get a new mindset. Educate yourself to pass on to others.
The leadership my late brother spoke of was of one man making a difference that lead 5000+, was not present; we were led to the Detroit River, with no hopes to cross it, no direction to build on it, no insight on how we can walk through it, or where to begin. Are we listening, or is this just a dream….
We need new leadership, we need for our young adults men, and women to get educated and step in place. The authority was there, but the power lies in the young people. We shall overcome rightfully so – when our young people get some act right about them and take the lead. Change is coming.
Just a thought!



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